Merge Graphs dialog box

This dialog box enables you to merge two graphs into a single graph.

To access View > Merge Graphs
Important information In order to merge graphs, the graphs' x-axes must be the same measurement. For example, you can merge Web Throughput and Hits per Second graphs, because their x-axes are Scenario Elapsed Time.
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Merging types overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Select Graph to merge with

The drop-down list shows all of the open graphs that share a common x-axis measurement with the current graph. Select one of the graphs in the list.

Select type of merge
  • Overlay. View contents of two graphs that share a common x-axis. The left y-axis on the merged graph shows the current graph's values. The right y-axis shows the values of the graph that was merged with the current graph.
  • Tile. View contents of two graphs that share a common x-axis in a tiled layout, one above the other.
  • Correlate. Plot the y-axes of two graphs against each other. The active graph's y-axis becomes the x-axis of the merged graph. The y-axis of the graph that was merged, becomes the merged graph's y-axis.
Title of Merged Graph Enter a title for the merged graph. This title appears in the Session Explorer (Windows > Session Explorer).

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