Service Level Agreement pane

This pane lists all the service level agreements (SLAs) defined for the scenario.

To access

In Analysis: Tools menu > Configure SLA Rules > Service Level Agreement pane

In Controller: Design tab

Relevant Tasks
See also

Service level agreements overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description

Starts the Service Level Agreement wizard where you can define new goals for the load test scenario.

Opens the Goal Details dialog box which displays a summary of the details of the selected SLA.

Opens the Service Level Agreement wizard where you can modify the goals defined in the SLA.

Deletes the selected SLA.

Opens the Advanced Options dialog box where you can adjust the tracking period for measurements that are evaluated per time interval over a timeline.

For more information, see Tracking period.

For user interface details, see Advanced Options dialog box (Service Level Agreement pane).

Service Level Agreement list

Lists the SLAs defined for the scenario.

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