Importing data

The Import Data tool enables you to import and integrate non-OpenText data into an Analysis session. After the import procedure, you can view the data files as graphs within the session, using all the capabilities of the Analysis tool.

Suppose an NT Performance Monitor runs on a server and measures its behavior. After running a LoadRunner Professional scenario on the server, you can retrieve the results of the Performance Monitor, and integrate the data into the LoadRunner Professional results. This enables you to correlate trends and relationships between the two sets of data, from LoadRunner Professional and Performance Monitor.

In this case, the results of the NT Performance Monitor are saved as a .csv file. You launch the Import Data tool, direct it to the .csv file, and specify its format. LoadRunner Professional reads the file and integrates the results into its own Analysis session.

For a list of data formats that are supported, see Supported file types.

To define your own custom data files, see Define custom file formats.

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