Transaction Performance Summary graph

This graph displays the minimum, maximum and average performance time for all the transactions in the load test scenario.


Name of the transaction.


Response time—rounded off to the nearest second—of each transaction.

Breakdown options
  • Transaction Breakdown. You can view breakdown of a transaction in the Transaction Performance Summary graph by right-clicking the transaction in the graph and selecting Show Transaction Breakdown Tree. In the Transaction Breakdown Tree, right-click the transaction you want to break down, and select Break Down <transaction name>.

    The Transaction Performance Summary graph displays data for the sub-transactions. For more details, see Transaction Breakdown Tree.

  • Web Page Breakdown. To view a breakdown of the web page(s) included in a transaction or sub-transaction, right-click it and select Web Page Diagnostics for <transaction name>. For more, see Web Page Diagnostics graphs.

See also

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