Network Delay Time graph

This graph shows the delays for the complete path between the source and destination machines (for example, the database server and Vuser load generator). The graph maps the delay as a function of the elapsed load test scenario time.

Each path defined in Controller is represented by a separate line with a different color in the graph.


Elapsed time since the start of the run.


Network delay time.


    You can merge various graphs to determine if the network is a bottleneck. For example, using the Network Delay Time and Running Vusers graphs, you can determine how the number of Vusers affects the network delay.

See also

Network monitor graphs overview


In the following example of a merged graph, the network delays are compared to the running Vusers. The graph shows that when all 10 Vusers were running, a network delay of 22 milliseconds occurred, implying that the network may be overloaded.

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