How to View the Breakdown of a Transaction

The Web Page Diagnostics graphs are most commonly used to analyze a problem detected in the Transaction Performance Summary or Average Transaction Response Time graphs. For example, the Average Transaction Response Time graph below demonstrates that the average transaction response time for the trans1 transaction was high.

Using the Web Page Diagnostics graphs, you can pinpoint the cause of the delay in response time for the trans1 transaction.

This task describes how to breakdown a transaction.

  1. Right-click trans1 and select Web Page Diagnostics for trans1. The Web Page Diagnostics graph opens and the Web Page Diagnostics tree appear. An icon appears next to the page name indicating the page content. See Web Page Diagnostics Content Icons.

  2. In the Web Page Diagnostics tree, right-click the problematic page you want to break down, and select Break Down <component name>. Alternatively, select a page in the Select Page to Break Down box that appears under the Web Page Diagnostics graph. The Web Page Diagnostics graph for that page appears.

  3. Note: You can open a browser displaying the problematic page by right-clicking the page in the Web Page Diagnostics tree and selecting View page in browser.

  4. Select one of the following available breakdown options:

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