Web Page Diagnostics Content Icons

The following icons appear in the Web Page Diagnostics tree. They indicate the HTTP content of the page.

Name Description

Transaction. Specifies that the ensuing content is part of the transaction.

Page Content. Specifies that the ensuing content, including elements such as text and images, is all part of one logical page.

Text content. Textual information. Plain text is intended to be displayed as-is. Includes HTML text and style sheets.

Multipart content. Data consisting of multiple entities of independent data types.

Message content. An encapsulated message. Common subtypes are news, or external-body which specifies large bodies by reference to an external data source.

Application content. Some other kind of data, typically either uninterpreted binary data or information to be processed by an application. An example subtype is Postscript data.

Image content. Image data. Two common subtypes are the jpeg and gif format.

Resource content. Other resources not listed above. Also, content that is defined as "not available" is likewise included.

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