Analysis reports overview

After running a load test scenario, you can view reports that summarize your system's performance. Analysis provides the following reporting tools:

The Summary Report provides general information about the scenario run. You can access the Summary Report at any time from the Session Explorer.

The SLA report provides an overview of the defined SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with succeeded or failed status.

The Transaction Analysis report provides a detailed analysis of a specific transaction over a specific time period.

You can instruct Analysis to create an HTML report. The HTML report contains a page for each open graph, the Summary Report, the SLA report, and the Transaction Analysis report.

Transaction reports provide performance information about the transactions defined within the Vuser scripts. These reports give you a statistical breakdown of your results and allow you to print and export the data.

Note: SLA reports and Transaction Analysis reports are not available when generating Cross Result graphs. For more information on Cross Result graphs, see Cross Result and Merged graphs.

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