Report Templates - General tab

This tab enables you to record document details, such as title, author name and title and set global settings, such as Report Time Range and granularity.

To Access

Reports > New Report… > General tab


Reports > Report Templates… > General tab

See also

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element



A description of the template.

First Name

The first name of the person to display on the report.


The last name of the person to display on the report.

Job title

The job title of the person to display on the report.


The name of the organization to display on the report.


You can enter a description and include details of the report template.

Report Time Range

The default setting is Whole Scenario. Click to set the start and end time range of the scenario runtime to display on the report.


Define granularity settings (in seconds).


The number of digits to appear after the decimal point in none graph content items.

Include Think Time

Include think time when processing the Analysis data. This data is then used when generating reports.

Use Raw Result Time Zone When creating the report, use the time zone that was generated in the raw data results.

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