Transaction analysis report

This report enables you to individually examine each of the transactions from the load test scenario run.

To open the report: Reports > Analyze Transaction > Generate Report button

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element



This section shows both positive and negative correlations between the graph of the transaction being analyzed, and other graphs based on the settings you chose in the Analyze Transaction Dialog Box. When two graphs are correlated, it means that their behavior matches each other by a certain percentage.

To view the correlating graph, select one of the results and then click the View Graph icon at the bottom of the section. The graph comparison opens.

You can return to the Transaction Analysis Report from the graph comparison at anytime by clicking the Back to <transaction name> icon on the toolbar.

Note: The correlations are automatically calculated according to a default ratio of 20%. You can adjust this ratio by clicking the arrows next to the percentage. Then click Recalculate.


This section is divided into two sub-sections.

  • Application Under Test errors. Shows errors that occurred during the transaction that were direct results of Vuser activity.

  • All errors. Shows Application Under Test errors as well as errors that were not related to Vuser activity, and which affected your system and not the application under test.

Observation Settings

This section displays a summary of the settings that were selected in the Advanced Settings section of the Analyze Transaction dialog box.


The Graph section displays a snapshot of selected transaction and time range for analysis merged with the display option you selected (Running Vusers, Throughput, or Hits per Second). Note that it is only a snapshot and cannot be manipulated like normal graphs.

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