Cloud for AWS monitoring

SQS is an Amazon Web Service that implements a well-defined queuing system, with a client that adds and receives messages for the queue. The Cloud for AWS monitor measures message flow (duration and rate) and throughput between the SQS client and the queue, when running the load test scenario.

The following monitor graphs are available:

Monitor Description
SQS Send Duration

Measures the response time (in milliseconds) between a message sent and a confirmation received, each time the LrSqsClient sends a message to the queue.

SQS Throughput

Monitors the amount of data (in bytes) that the client sent to (Send throughput), or received from (Receive throughput), the queue at any given time during the scenario run.

SQS Message Rate Monitors the number of messages sent (Send rate) and received (Receive rate) per second at any given time during the scenario run.

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