DevWeb tests

This topic provides information on working with DevWeb scripts in Controller.

Run load tests with DevWeb scripts

In Controller, you can run load tests using DevWeb scripts created in VuGen, or upload DevWeb scripts created in LoadRunner Developer.

Creating DevWeb scripts in LoadRunner Developer enables you to take advantage of its coding flexibility and integration with multiple IDEs. You can then upload and run the DevWeb scripts directly in Controller scenarios. Any conversion required takes place automatically, so that the properties for the script can be viewed in the Controller Runtime Settings UI, and the script resembles any DevWeb script created in VuGen.

You can add DevWeb scripts to scenarios and run tests side-by-side with any other tests. You can also edit runtime settings, and generally use the scripts in the same way as for other web-based protocols.

Tip: Check out the video: Run DevWeb scripts in LoadRunner Controller.

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Add DevWeb scripts to scenarios

This task describes how to add DevWeb scripts to scenarios, for DevWeb scripts created in either VuGen or DevWeb Standalone.

To upload a DevWeb script:

  1. On the main Controller toolbar, click the New Scenario button .
  2. In the New Scenario dialog box, in the Select the scripts... area, make sure the LoadRunner Scripts radio button is selected.
  3. Click the Browse button and in the Open Script dialog box, browse to the DevWeb script location.
  4. In Files of type field, select DevWeb Scripts (*.js):

  5. Select the JavaScript file, and click Open.
  6. Click OK in the New Scenario dialog box. The scenario containing the DevWeb script opens in the Design tab.

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DevWeb rendezvous points

You can add rendezvous points to DevWeb scripts using a rendezvous function. For details, see the Rendezvous section in the DevWeb JavaScript SDK (select the relevant version).

When a Vuser arrives at the rendezvous point, it waits until all Vusers participating in the rendezvous arrive at that point. When the designated number of Vusers arrive, they are released.

For more information on working with rendezvous points, see Rendezvous points overview.

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Runtime settings

You can edit runtime settings for your DevWeb script from Controller. Select Runtime Settings in the right-click menu for the script to open the a dedicated Runtime Settings window for DevWeb.

From the Runtime Settings window you can define run properties for your script, including:

  • Run logic
  • Logger settings
  • Proxy settings, including PAC support
  • HTTP, SSL, and encryption settings
  • Snapshots during replay

Note: When a script is added to a scenario, the Create snapshots during replay is set to On error. You can change the setting to Never or Always, but take into account that snapshots can impact performance during load testing.

DevWeb measurements

Measurements from DevWeb tests are reported to the graphs under the web-based category.

There are some dedicated graphs for DevWeb tests, the Bytes Sent per Second graph and the Server Requests per Second graph.

For details, see Web Resource monitoring.

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