Resource Errors

This section describes troubleshooting for the following resource errors:

Resource problem - Cannot Communicate with Load Generator

Cannot communicate with load generator 'load generator machine'. Out of memory.


  • Try to free up memory on your machine.
  • Disable "Ignore think time": Open the Runtime Settings dialog box, and select the Replay think time option. Save and run the script again. (Ignore think time can place excessive load on your machine's resources).
  • Check the communication to the load generator: Open the Load Generators window (Scenario > Load Generators), and check the status of the load generator specified in the error message to see if there is a connection to the host machine. If the host has been disconnected, reconnect and run the scenario again.

Resource problem - Insufficient Memory

Insufficient memory while checking plug information. Free one application or more.

Insufficient memory resources on the Controller machine.


Try to free up memory on your machine.

Load Generator - Write Failure

Write failure on machine 'load generator machine'. Check the available disk space. All Vusers on this machine will stop running.

Unable to write to the load generator machine. All Vusers on this machine will stop running as the system is unstable.


Check that there is sufficient disk space available on the load generator machine:

  • Determine whether there is sufficient disk space to run a LoadRunner scenario (at least a few megabytes). If there isn't, delete any unnecessary files in the temporary directory to free up space.

  • Alternatively, choose another drive on which to run the test. In Controller, select Scenario > Load Generators > Details, and type in an alternate temporary directory.