WAN Emulation Errors

This section describes troubleshooting for the following errors:

WAN Emulation is Already Running

Problem description. If you kill the LR_Bridge.exe or magentproc.exe processes on a load generator to stop a scenario, the next time you define WAN Emulation settings and run a scenario on that load generator, you will receive a message that WAN Emulation is already running on it.


  • Manually exit the WAN Emulation.

Duplicate Monitor Graphs with Empty Counters Appear

Problem Description. A duplicate of the Windows Resources monitor appears with empty counters.


If you manually add metrics in addition to those that are automatically added, you will see a duplicate of the Windows Resources monitor with empty counters representing the manually added metrics.

Scenario is stuck in the init Phase

Problem description. If you are working with the WAN Emulator in professional mode, and you specify a location for the .ntx file on a machine where there are no LoadRunner User privileges, when you try to run the scenario it will get stuck during the init phase.


  • Make sure that .ntx file is located on a machine that has LoadRunner User privileges.