NV Insights Report

The NV Insights Report is a comprehensive network analysis report that provides information about how your application performs over various networks, during a scenario run.

To generate the NV Insights Report, you must configure Network Virtualization functionality for your scenario, so that Controller can emulate the conditions required for each of the networks.

In the Design tab, make sure to enable the Insights box in the Scenario Scripts list.

After you run a scenario, Controller analyzes and compares the behavior of the application over the various networks, and identifies problematic transactions in the scenario. The resulting NV Insights Report can help to pinpoint root causes for performance issues, and provide optimization recommendations to resolve the issues, thereby improving the performance of your application.

For information about how to incorporate NV Insights functionality into a scenario, see How to Run a Scenario with Network Virtualization.

For details on the NV Insights Report, see the Network Virtualization for LoadRunner Help.

Considerations for working with NV Insights

  • NV Insights functionality is available for the following protocols only: SAP Web, Siebel Web, TruClient-Web, and Web HTTP/HTML.
  • When scheduling time slots for running performance tests, allow additional time (of approximately 15 minutes) for each NV Insights-enabled test.
  • Your Controller and load generator machines may require additional disk space for processing the data for the NV Insights Report.
  • When working with a limited user account on the Controller machine, ignore the error message displayed when creating an NV Insights Report. Launch the report directly from the scenario results folder.
  • If your test includes several Vuser groups, you may need to increase the time needed to generate the NV Insights Report. Edit <LoadRunner Professional root>\config\wlrun7.ini. Under the [General] section, increase the value for the NVAnalyticsTimeout parameter. By default, the value is set to 10 minutes (in seconds).

  • When using NV Insights functionality, Controller creates "hidden" Vusers (2 hidden Vusers for each Vuser group) in addition to the Vusers that are defined in the scenario scheduler. If the scenario includes parameters with unique data, make sure that the list of parameter values includes extra values for the hidden Vusers.

    Note: The "hidden" Vusers appear at the bottom of the Vuser Group pane while a scenario is running.

  • When working with NV Insights, disable the Transfer all files to remote hosts before running scenario runtime option before running the scenario. For details, see Options > Runtime File Storage tab.
  • The NV Insights Report does not generate when running a TruClient script on a remote load generator, using Service mode.

    Resolution: Run the remote agent in Process mode instead. For details on how to restart the agent as a process, see Run the remote agent as a process or service.

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