Excluding Machines from Network Virtualization

In some situations, you may need to exclude certain machines that may affect the virtualization emulation, from the network virtualization . A typical example is a software update server.

To exclude a machine, you configure the IP Filter settings of your network virtualization software. When you exclude a machine, their network effects are not included in the network virtualization results.

Which machines should you exclude? Any machine that if emulated, may affect the results of the actual scenario during its run, (for example, Controller) should be excluded. The following machines are excluded by default:

  • MI Listener, and proxy server machines

  • The Diagnostics Commander server

  • A machine running SiteScope

The following are situations to consider excluding a machine from network virtualization:

  • In a Multiprotocol scenario that includes a web server and a database server; where information from the database server is not required as a part of the load test. In such a case, you would exclude the database server.

  • Deployment and software upgrade servers.

  • Servers that run and store scripts on a shared network drive.

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