Add Script dialog box

This dialog box enables you to add Vuser and other scripts to a scenario.

To access
Use one of the following:
  • All scenarios: Design tab > Right-click in Scenario Scripts pane > Add Script

  • Goal-oriented scenario: Design tab > Scenario Scripts pane > Add Script

  • Manual scenario (percentage mode): Design tab > Add Group

Important information
While a scenario is running, you can add scripts to the scenario and enable them. However, if you add a script after all the Vusers in the scenario have started running, the added script will not run in the scenario.
Relevant tasks
See Also

Noise scenarios

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Use existing LoadRunnerscript

Lists the available scripts that have been added to the scenario. When you select a script, its name and path are displayed above the list.

To display the scripts with their full paths, right-click the list area and select Show Path.


Opens the Open Script dialog box, where you can browse to the script location and select the script to add to the scenario.

The default is to add Vuser scripts. To add a different script type, for example JMeter scripts or DevWeb scripts, select the required option from the Files of type list.

Record Opens VuGen for recording a new Vuser script.
Use a Noise Generator script accessing the following URL

The URL to which you want to apply noise testing. You can provide a server name, IP address, or a full URL. After a URL is used once, it appears in a dropdown list. 

LoadRunner Professional automatically generates a script name using the following format: Noise_<domain>_<index>, e.g. Noise_mydomain_1.

Note: There is no built-in validation, so you must check that the URL you provide is operational.

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