Load Generator Configuration > Runtime File Storage tab

This tab enables you to specify the results folder for the performance data that LoadRunner Professional gathers from this load generator during a scenario run.

To access
Controller toolbar > > Add or Details
Important information

The folder specified here stores the result files gathered on the selected load generator. You can specify a global results folder using the Options dialog box. For details, see Options > Runtime File Storage tab.

The following guideline apply:

  • If the settings specified here differ to the global load generator settings, the settings specified here take preference.
  • If the load generator is localhost, LoadRunner Professional stores the scripts and results on a shared network drive and the options on this tab are all disabled.
  • If you are monitoring over a firewall, the settings in this tab are not relevant.
Relevant tasks
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Scripts and results stored
The location in which to store the results of the scenario run and/or Vuser scripts gathered from the selected load generator during a scenario run:
  • As defined in Tools > Options > Runtime File Storage. Stores the results as specified in the global settings.

  • In temporary directory on <load generator name>. Instructs LoadRunner Professional to save the runtime files on a hard drive of the load generator machine. For information on setting the temporary directory, see Options > Runtime File Storage tab.

  • On a shared network drive. Instructs LoadRunner Professional to store the results on a shared network drive. To use this option, you save the Vuser scripts at a shared network location, and define a shared network location for saving the scenario results from the load generator. For details, see Runtime file storage locations.

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