Load Generator Configuration > Runtime Quota tab

This tab enables you to specify a maximum number of Vuser types that the load generator should initialize or stop simultaneously, so as to reduce load on the load generator.

To access
Controller toolbar > Load Generators > Add… or Details. Then select the Runtime Quota tab.
Important Information
The settings specified here are relevant for the selected load generator.
You can set runtime quotas for all load generators in a scenario from the Tools > Options > Runtime Settings tab. For details on setting global runtime quotas, see Options > Runtime Settings tab.

Note: If the settings specified here differ to the global load generator settings, the settings specified here take preference for this particular load generator.

Relevant tasks
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Resets all values to their defaults.
Vuser Quota
  • Number of Vusers that may be initialized at one time - <current load generator>. The maximum number of Vusers that the current load generator can initialize simultaneously.

    Default: 50

    Maximum value: 999
  • Limit the number of users that may be stopped at one time to. The maximum number of Vusers that the current load generator can stop simultaneously.

    Default: 50

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