<Monitor Name> dialog box

This dialog box enables you to add monitored server machines and access the dialogs to configure the measurements and data collection method.

To access
Right-click a graph > Add Measurements
Important information
Before configuring a monitor's measurements, many servers require initial setup. The first step of Configure monitors contains links to the setup instructions.
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Advanced Disabled.
Displays a description of the selected resource measurement.
Monitored Server Machines
The machines whose resources are being monitored.
Displays the Add Machine dialog box, which adds the machine that you want to monitor to the existing list.
Removes the selected machine from the list.
Resource Measurements on <machine name>
Displays the resource measurements being monitored on the selected machine.
Displays the Resources dialog box that lets you create a list of resource measurements on the selected machine.
Removes the selected resource measurement from the list.
Import / Export

(for SiteScope monitor only)

Allows you to save and restore SiteScope monitor settings to/from .SSM files (XML format).