Options dialog box

This dialog box enables you to configure scenario options.

To access
Tools > Options
Important information
The settings configured in this dialog box:
  • Generally need to be set only once

  • Apply to all future scenarios

  • Apply globally to all the load generators in a scenario.

  • Note: You can change the settings for individual load generators (see Modify load generator settings). Individual load generator settings override global scenario settings.

Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Debug Information tab
(Expert mode only)
Enables you to determine the extent of the trace to be performed during a scenario run.
Execution tab
Enables you to configure the following miscellaneous scenario settings:
  • The default schedule run mode for a new scenario

  • The command to run after collating scenario results

For details, see Options > Execution tab.
General tab
(Expert mode only)
Enables you to specify global settings for data table storage and multiple IP address allocation.
For details, see Options > General tab.
Monitors tab
Enables you to configure the online monitoring settings.
For details, see Options > Monitors tab.
NUnit Framework
(Expert mode only)
Lets you specify a path to the NUnit Framework.
Output tab
(Expert mode only)
Enables you to configure how running Vusers are displayed on the Controller machine.
For details, see Options > Output tab.
Path Translation Table tab
Enables you to perform path translation when storing result and script files stored on a shared network drive.
Runtime File Storage tab
Enables you to specify where LoadRunner Professional should save and store the runtime files.
Default value: On the current Vuser machine.
Runtime Settings tab
Enables you to specify scenario runtime settings.
Timeout tab
Enables you to specify timeout values for certain commands related to the load generator.
For details, see Options > Timeout tab.

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