Options > Debug Information tab

This tab enables you to configure the settings to determine the extent of the trace to be performed during a scenario run.

To access
Tools > Options > Debug Information tab
Important information
  • This tab is available only when Controller is operating in Expert mode.

  • The debug information is written to the Output window.

Relevant tasks
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Sets the default debug information settings.
Keep temporary files
The LoadRunner Agent and Controller create temporary files that collect information such as the parameter file sent to the Vuser, the output compilation file, and the configuration file. The Agent files are saved in brr folders in the TMP or TEMP folder of the Agent machine. The Controller files are saved in lrr folders in the TMP or TEMP folder of the Controller machine. At the end of the scenario, all these files are automatically deleted.
When selected, this option instructs the Agent and Controller not to delete these files so that you can use them for debugging.
Trace Flags
For debugging purposes, you can configure the type of trace performed by LoadRunner Professional during the scenario run. Select the appropriate options to enable the detailed trace. The available trace flags are:
  • General

  • File Transfer

  • Incoming Communication

  • Outgoing Communication

    The trace information appears in the log file located in the specified Agent log folder.

    Note: Select only the flags relating to your problem. For example, if you encounter specific problems with the transfer of files, select the File Transfer flag.

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