Options > Execution tab

This tab enables you to configure miscellaneous scenario execution settings.

To access
Tools > Options > Execution tab
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Default Scheduler
Enables you to set the default schedule run mode for new scenarios.
  • Real-world schedule. Runs the scenario according to a real-world set of events

  • Basic schedule. Runs a basic schedule, starting the Vusers, running them for a given amount of time, and stopping them.

For more details, see Schedule run modes.
Post Collate Command
Enables you to define a command that Controller will run directly after it collates the results of a scenario run.
Example: You can define a command to run a customer application that runs the Analysis API to extract data.

Note: In the command, you can use the keyword, %ResultDir%, to refer to the scenario's results folder. (This keyword is not case sensitive.)

Smart Vuser allocation

Enables smart Vuser allocation for relevant scenarios.

Use Smart Vuser allocation (only in percentage mode scenario). Enables Controller to use smart Vuser allocation to distribute Vusers among the load generators in a scenario. Smart Vuser allocation is available in manual scenarios in percentage mode. For details, see Smart Vuser allocation.

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