Run/Stop Vusers dialog box

You use this dialog box to add Vusers to a running scenario and to stop Vusers that are running.

The actions you take on this dialog apply only to the current run. They are not saved with the scenario.

To access
Run tab > Scenario Groups pane >
Important information
  • The dialog box differs depending on which mode you are working in.

    • Vuser group mode. You specify the number of new Vusers to be added to each Vuser group, as well as the load generators on which these additional Vusers will run.

    • Percentage mode. You specify the percentage of the Vusers you enter in the Distribute box to be added to each script and the load generators on which these additional Vusers will run.

      For example, if you enter 12 in the Distribute box and there are three scripts with percentages 50%, 25%, 25%, 6 Vusers are added to the %50 script and 3 to each of the 25% scripts. If you only want to add Vusers to one script, set the percentages to 100%, 0%, and 0%.

      The distribution depends only on the percentages, it does not depend on whether the script is checked or not. If three scripts are each set to 33%, but only one is checked, when you add Vusers, they are distributed at 33% per script. Unchecking a script after distributing Vusers does not remove the Vusers that have been distributed.

  • When you add Vusers to a running scenario or Vuser group, the current scheduler settings are automatically applied to all new Vusers. For example, if the scenario or Vuser group has a set duration of five minutes, all Vusers that are subsequently added run only for the remaining part of that time period.

  • Vusers that are added to a scenario or Vuser group that has finished running are not affected by schedule settings and run according to the scenario runtime settings.
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


Initializes the added Vusers by distributing them to their designated load generators so that they are ready to execute their scripts. Controller first initializes the Vusers in your scenario that have not yet run and then adds additional Vusers, as required, to reach the defined quantity.
Run Initialized
Run New
  • Run Initialized. Runs the Vusers in the scenario that have already been initialized.

  • Note: You cannot run more Vusers than are currently initialized using this option.

  • Run New. Runs the number of Vusers you specified. Controller first runs the Vusers in your scenario that have not yet been run and then adds additional Vusers, as required, to reach the defined quantity.


Stops the Vusers that are running. Controller stops the Vusers according to the settings you defined in the runtime settings tab. For more information, see Options > Runtime Settings tab.
<check box>

Selects the Vuser groups or scripts that Init, Run, and Stop apply to.

(Percentage mode)
Enter the percentage of Vusers to be distributed to each Vuser script.
Indicates the number of Vusers distributed to each script.
Distribute x Vusers among the checked scripts
(Percentage mode)
Enter the number of Vusers to be distributed. The Vusers are distributed according to the values you entered in the percentage (%) column.
Load Generators
The load generators assigned to the Vuser group/script.
If you select multiple load generators for a group/script, the Vusers assigned to the Vuser group/script are distributed evenly among the load generators.
Default value (in Percentage mode): All Load Generators

Note: To add a load generator to the list, select Add from the list. For more details see Add New Load Generator/Load Generator Information dialog box.

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