Vuser Information dialog box

This dialog box displays details about a specific Vuser in a group, and lets you modify the load generator and script settings for the Vuser.

To access
Use one of the following:
  • Manual scenario > Design tab > Scenario Groups pane > Vusers  > Details

  • In Vusers dialog box, double-click a Vuser.

Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Browse Enables you to add Vuser scripts to the list of scripts.
Record Opens VuGen where you can record a Vuser script.

Runtime Settings

Opens the runtime settings dialog box, where you can edit the Vuser script's runtime settings.


  • Modifying the runtime settings for one Vuser modifies the runtime settings for all the Vusers in the group that are using the same script.

  • When you modify the runtime settings from Controller, LoadRunner Professional runs the script using the modified settings.

  • If runtime settings for a script were not defined in VuGen, Controller displays its own default settings for Log and Think Time. Default VuGen settings are displayed for all other nodes.

Parameter list Opens the Parameter list in VuGen where you can create, view, modify, and delete Vuser script parameters. For details, see Parameter Overview.
Group Name
The name of the group to which the selected Vuser belongs.
Load Generator Name
The load generator assigned to the Vuser's Vuser group.
To add a load generator to this list, select Add from the list. For user interface details, see Add New Load Generator/Load Generator Information dialog box.
Select Script
Lists the available scripts that have been added to the scenario. When you select a script, its name and path are displayed above the list.
To display the scripts with their full paths, right-click the list area and select Show Paths.
Vuser Name
The name of the selected Vuser.

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