IP Wizard

This wizard enables you to create and save new IP addresses on Windows machines.

To access
Search for LoadRunner IP Wizard in the Windows Start menu.
Important information
  • This wizard resides on each load generator. It enables you to create and save new IP addresses on Windows machines. The new addresses can be a range of addresses defined by the Internet Assignment Numbers Authority. They are for internal use only, and cannot connect to the Internet. This range of addresses is the default used by the IP Wizard.
  • You must be logged in with administrator permissions to run the IP Wizard.
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User interface elements are described below:

Step 1 of 3 - Welcome
Create new settings
Enables you to define new IP settings on the load generator.
Load previous settings from file
Enables you to use an existing file with IP address settings.
Restore Original Settings
Restores original settings.
Step 2 of 3 - Optional
<Web Server Address box>
If you have more than one network card, enables you to choose the card to use for IP addresses.
This step enables the IP Wizard to check the server's routing table to see if it requires updating after new IP addresses are added to the load generator.
Step 3 of 3 - Optional

Add button

Opens the Add dialog box where you can add a new IP address. The Add dialog box contains the following options:

  • Private Address Spaces. Classes that represents the correct submask for the machine's IP addresses.

  • From IP. Adds IP addresses starting with this number.

  • Submask. IP addresses include two components, a netid and hostid. The submask determines where the netid portion of the address stops and where the hostid begins.

  • Number to add. The number of IP addresses to add.

  • Verify that new IP addresses are not already in use. Instructs the IP Wizard to check the new addresses. The IP Wizard adds only the addresses that are not already in use.

Remove button

Removes a selected IP address.
IP Address
The IP addresses on the load generator machine.
Subnet Mask
The submasks of the IP addresses on the load generator machine.
Number of IPs added
The number of IP addresses added to the load generator machine.
Finish button Click Finish to exit the IP Wizard and add the addresses to the IP pool. The IP Wizard runs a netsh batch file to update the NT device drivers with the new addresses.
<Summary area>
Displays a summary of the operations performed by the IP Wizard.
Take note of the location of the netsh batch file (.bat). This is used to update the routing table, if necessary. See Add IP addresses to a load generator.

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