Agent Configuration dialog box

This dialog box enables you to enable and configure the LoadRunner Agent on Windows machines.

To access

Do one of the following on the machine:

  • Search for LoadRunner Agent Configuration in the Windows Start menu.

  • Run <LoadRunner Professional root>\bin\AgentConfig.exe.

Important information
  • When LoadRunner Agent runs as service (magentservice.exe), files (such as script or parameter files) that are stored on remote network drives or referred to by UNC path cannot be accessed. To access files this way, run the LoadRunner Agent as process (magentproc.exe).

    Workaround: To access network share, configure the Load Testing Agent Service to run with an account that has network access permissions.

  • When running the LoadRunner Agent as a service (magentservice.exe), and the Agent Configuration as administrator under UAC or a standard user: If you click the OK button and attempt to restart the Load Testing Agent Service, it issues the warning "Access is denied" .


    1. Run the Agent Configuration as administrator when UAC is off.
    2. If the current user is administrator or a user with appropriate permissions to work with Load Testing Agent Services, go to Service Manager (services.msc) and manually start the LoadRunnerAgent service (and for LoadRunner Enterprise, the RemoteManagementAgent service).
    3. You can also run <LoadRunner Professional root>\bin\subinacl.exe as administrator to grant a user (user1 in examples below) full access permission of the target service. For example:
      For LoadRunner Enterprise: subinacl.exe /service LoadRunnerAgent /grant=user1
      For LoadRunner Enterprise: subinacl.exe /service RemoteManagementAgent /grant=user1

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Enable Terminal Services
Enables distributing Vusers on a terminal server.
Select the way Agent will be discovered by LoadRunner applications

Allows you to select the communication method between the Agent and LoadRunner applications:

  • Through Direct TCP Communication: Enables direct TCP communication between the Agent and LoadRunner applications.

  • Through MI Listener: Enables communication over a firewall via MI Listener.

    To configure the MI Listener settings, select this option and click Settings. For details, see Agent Configuration Settings dialog box.

  • Through LoadRunner Data Hub: Enables communication via the LoadRunner Data Hub.

    To configure the Data Hub settings, select this option and click Settings. For details, see Data Hub Configuration dialog box.

Test Connection Tests the Data Hub settings and verifies that the connection is successful.

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