MI Listener Configuration dialog box

This dialog box enables you to configure the MI Listener.

To access

Use one of the following methods:

  • Search for MI Listener Configuration in the Windows Start menu.

  • Run <LoadRunner Professional root>\launch_service\bin\MILsnConfig.exe.

Important information
  • Before configuring the MI Listener:

    • Open incoming HTTPs service for port 443. The port settings are set by your system administrator.

    • Stop the LoadRunner Agent on the MI Listener machine by right-clicking it's icon in the system tray and selecting Close from the popup menu.

  • After configuring the MI Listener:

    • Restart the LoadRunner Agent by double-clicking the shortcut on the LoadRunner Professional machine's desktop, or by selecting LoadRunner Agent Service in the Windows Start menu.

  • Make sure that no web servers are running on the MI Listener or Monitor-Over-Firewall machine. These servers use port 443 and do not allow the access required by the listening and monitoring processes.

Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Check Client Certificates
Select True to request that the client send a TLS (SSL) certificate when connecting, and to authenticate the certificate. The default value is False.
Private Key Password
The password that may be required during the certificate authentication process. There is no default value.

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