SiteScope server monitoring

SiteScope resources measured during the scenario run are displayed in the SiteScope Resources monitor graph.

The SiteScope monitor can measure server, network, and processor performance counters. For detailed information on the performance counters, refer to the relevant SiteScope documentation.

Set up the SiteScope integration

Before setting up the SiteScope monitor, ensure that SiteScope has been installed on a server. You can install SiteScope on the same machine as Controller, or on a dedicated server. If SiteScope is installed on a machine other than Controller, verify that the SiteScope machine is accessible from the Controller machine.

The information you need to provide for monitoring SiteScope machines differs slightly from other monitors. The enhanced integration lets you set up SiteScope monitoring on machines that require user authentication and Secure HTTP connections. For details, see the Add Machine dialog box.

For more tips and guidelines, see the Community pages for LoadRunner Professional.

Set up SiteScope with authentication as a non-anonymous user:

  1. Open SiteScope and configure its monitors.
  2. Modify the SiteScope administrator to have a user ID and password.
  3. Add a new SiteScope user with a user ID and password.
  4. Verify that you can see XML data. For example, for account login1, use the URL https://localhost:8888/SiteScope/cgi/go.exe/SiteScope?page=topaz&account=login1

    (Note that you need a user index rather than a user name to view XML data.)

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