Collate run data

When you run a scenario, by default all the run data is stored locally on each load generator. After scenario execution, in order to generate analysis data, the results must be collated—that is, the results from all of the load generators must be gathered and transferred to the results folder.

You can set LoadRunner Professional to collate the run data automatically, either during runtime, or as soon as the run is complete. During runtime, the data can be collated to Controller or to the Data Hub.

Alternatively, you can collate the run data manually after the run. This way, you can save and close a scenario, and collate the data after reopening the scenario in Controller.

In addition to collating the results data, LoadRunner Professional can collate data from Network Virtualization and from the log files. After successfully collation of the data, these files are deleted from the load generators from which they were gathered.

For details on how to collate run data, see Collate scenario run results.

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