Configuring scenario options overview

Before you run a scenario, you can configure both the load generator and Vuser behavior for the scenario. Although the default settings correspond to most environments, LoadRunner Professional allows you to modify the settings to customize the scenario behavior. The settings apply to all future scenario runs and generally need to be set only once.

You configure these settings from the Tools > Options dialog box. Settings related to load generator behavior apply to all the load generators in a scenario.

Note: You can configure settings for an individual load generator that override the global settings for that particular load generator. For details, see Modify load generator settings.

Global scenario configuration settings are unrelated to the Vuser runtime settings. Runtime settings apply to individual Vusers or scripts and contain information about logging, think time, and the network, the number of iterations, and the browser. For information on setting runtime settings, see Runtime Settings in the Virtual User Generator Help Center (select the relevant version).

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