Manual scenarios

You build a manual scenario by selecting scripts to run, assigning load generators on which to run the scripts, and distributing Vusers to run among the scripts.

You can design a manual scenario using one of the following options:

  • By Number. With this option, each script you select for the scenario is assigned to a Vuser group. This is Vuser group mode.

    You assign a number of Vusers to each Vuser group that you create. You can instruct all Vusers in a group to run the same script on one or more load generators, or you can assign different scripts and load generators to the various Vusers in a group.

  • By Percentage. With this option, you define a total number of Vusers to be used in the scenario, and assign load generators and a percentage of the total number of Vusers to each script. This is percentage mode.

After you define which Vuser groups or scripts to run in the scenario, you select or build a schedule by which to run the scenario. For more information, see Schedule manual scenarios.

You can also create Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which are specific goals that you define for your load test scenario. When you run the scenario, LoadRunner Professional gathers and stores performance-related data. When you analyze the run, Analysis compares this data against the SLAs and determines SLA statuses for the defined measurements. For more information, see Service level agreements.

Changing scenario modes

You can convert a scenario from the Vuser group mode to the percentage mode and vice versa.

The following table describes what happens to the scenario when converting from the one mode to the other:

Vuser group mode to percentage mode
  • If a Vuser group contains multiple scripts, in percentage mode the scripts are listed one by one in the Scenario Scripts pane.

  • In the percentage mode, all load generators are assigned to all Vuser scripts by default. If multiple load generators are assigned to a Vuser group, the Vusers assigned to the scripts in the percentage mode are distributed evenly among the load generators originally assigned to the group.

If you defined group schedules for the Vuser groups, these settings will be lost. All profiles contain schedule by scenario settings only. For details about scheduling scenarios, see Schedule manual scenarios.
Percentage mode to Vuser group mode
  • Each script is converted to a Vuser group.

  • If you defined multiple load generators for a Vuser script, the Vuser group that is created when converting the scenario also contains multiple load generators.

  • If a schedule is defined for the scenario, all the schedule settings remain unchanged.

Note: You can convert from one scenario mode to another at any time. For details, see Change the scenario mode (manual scenario).

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