CA APM monitor

The CA APM is a web application monitor that lets you detect and diagnose performance problems in your complex or enterprise environments.


To use this monitor, you need to specify a cloud server that offers the monitoring service.

For the supported server versions, see the Integrations section of the Support Matrix guide.

This integration allows you to display up to 100 (approximately) CA APM measurements during runtime.

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Set up the CA APM monitor

  1. In the Controller's Run tab, add the CA APM monitor. Navigate to Available graphs > CA APM Graphs and double-click CA APM.
  2. Right-click the CA APM monitor window, and click Add measurements.
  3. In the CA APM dialog box, click Add to add the monitor, and enter the server details:

    UI Element Description
    Server URL

    The name or URL of the cloud server that offers the monitoring service.

    Agent Host

    The agent host from which the measurements are taken. The server needs to recognize this agent in order to retrieve measurements from it. The agent host may have multiple agents (Agent_Name)—the measurements are displayed by agent.

    Adding an agent to a server is the responsibility of the APM admin.

    Note: The agent host name is case-sensitive.

    The port on which the Server communicates.
    Use HTTPS
    Use a secure connection to the CA APM server (highly recommended).
    A user-specific token string generated from the CA APM.
  4. Click OK.

For detailed information on the performance measurements that CA APM can monitor, see the CA APM documentation.

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