Citrix Monitor dialog box

This dialog box enables you to configure the measurements for the Citrix monitor.

To access
Right-click a graph > Add Measurements
Click Add in the Resource Measurements section of Citrix Monitor dialog.
Important information
Note: For Citrix monitoring, if the dialog box freezes after clicking Add, you may need to rebuild the localhost cache on the Citrix server machine.
Relevant tasks
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Add Adds the selected measurement to the list of measurements in the Measurements on <machine> section of the Citrix dialog box.
Select a resource counter to monitor. Select multiple counters using the Ctrl key. For a definition of each counter, click Explain.
If multiple instances of the selected counter are running, select one or more instances to monitor for the selected counter.
Select the object being monitored on the specified machine.

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