Connect to a Linux load generator without using rsh

This task describes how to connect to a Linux load generator without using remote shell (rsh).

  1.  On the Linux load generator, make sure that the agent daemon (m_agent_daemon) is running. If not, launch it by running the following command from <load generator installation directory>/bin:
    Example: m_daemon_setup -install

    If successful, you will receive the following message:

    m_agent_daemon <process ID>

    The agent now keeps running, even if the user is logged off. It only stops running if you run the command explained below, or if you reboot the machine.

    Note: If you look at the log file m_agent_daemon[xxx].log in the temp folder, you may see communication errors, even if the installation succeeded. These messages appear because the LoadRunner Agent always tries to open Port #443 (because any agent can be an MI Listener, and the MI Listener always listens to this port), and in Linux machines, this port cannot be opened by any user except for the root user. However, this does not interfere with using this agent for the load generator.

  2. In Controller, in the Load Generator Information dialog box > Linux Environment tab, select the Don't use RSH option. Connect as usual. For details, see Load Generator Configuration > Linux Environment tab.

To stop the agent daemon:

Run the following command from the <LoadRunner Professional root>/bin folder:

m_daemon_setup -remove

This stops the m_agent_daemon. If successful, you receive the following message:

m_agent_daemon is down.

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