Add and edit schedule actions

This task describes how to add and edit schedule actions.

Add a schedule action

Note: You can add actions to a real-world schedule only.

To add an action to the schedule:

  1. In the Action grid do one of the following:

    • To insert an action after a specific action, select the action and click Add Action After .

    • To add an action after the last action, double-click the last row in the Actions grid—marked by an asterisk (*).

  2. In the Add Action dialog box, define the new action. For schedule action details, see Schedule actions.

  3. Click Apply.

  4. To add another action while in the Add Action dialog box, click Add Another Action and repeat steps 2 through 3.

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Edit a schedule action

To edit a schedule action:

Double-click the action (or select it), click Edit Action , and edit the action as desired.

You can also edit other actions before closing the Edit Action dialog box. Click Previous or Next to navigate between the actions.

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