Add a UFT test to a load test scenario

This task describes how to integrate a Unified Functional Testing test into LoadRunner Professional.

Note that UFT tests are not supported on Linux load generators.

To add a UFT test:


  • To run UFT tests from Controller, UFT must be installed on the load generator machine. (It can be installed locally, if you use localhost as the load generator.)

    Note: Restart the load generator machine after installing UFT.

  • You need to have the GUI license bundle installed to use the UFT protocol. For details, see About LoadRunner Professional licenses.
  1. Navigate to the folder containing the test.

    • For a new scenario, click Browse in the New Scenario dialog box.

    • When adding the test to an existing scenario, click Browse in the Add Group/Add Script dialog box. The Open Test dialog box opens.

  2. In the Files of Type box select Unified Functional Testing Tests.

  3. Navigate to the appropriate test and add it to your scenario.

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