Set up a rendezvous in a scenario

This task describes set up rendezvous points and policies in a scenario.

  1. Prerequisites

    Add Vuser scripts that contain rendezvous points. For details, see Virtual User Generator Help Center (select the relevant version).

    Rendezvous points are only effective for group mode—not percentage mode. For details, see Change the scenario mode (manual scenario).

    When you add a Vuser group or script to the scenario, LoadRunner scans the included scripts for rendezvous points and adds them to a central list of rendezvous points. Select Scenario > Rendezvous to view this list. For user interface details, see Rendezvous Information dialog box.

    Note: In goal-oriented scenarios, a script's rendezvous points are disabled.

  2. Set the level of emulated user load

    Select the rendezvous points to take part in the scenario, and the number of Vusers to participate in each rendezvous.

    You can temporarily disable a rendezvous and exclude it from the scenario. You can disable a rendezvous point for all Vusers in a scenario, or you can temporarily disable specific Vusers from participating in the rendezvous.

    By disabling and enabling a rendezvous, you influence the level of server load.

  3. Set the attributes for the rendezvous policy - Optional

    In the Rendezvous Information dialog box, for each rendezvous:

    1. Select the rendezvous, and click the Policy button.

    2. In the Policy dialog box, set the policy attributes as follows:

      • Release. The number of Vusers to be released from a rendezvous at one time.

      • Timeout. The time Controller waits before releasing Vusers from a rendezvous.

      • For user interface details, see Rendezvous Information dialog box.

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