Scenario run results

You can monitor scenario performance during test execution using the online monitoring tools described in Monitor load test scenarios.

To view a summary of the results after test execution, use one or more of the following tools:

  • Vuser log files. These files contain a full trace of the load test scenario run for each Vuser. These files are located in the scenario results folder. (When you run a Vuser script in standalone mode, these files are stored in the Vuser script folder.)

  • Controller output window .The output window displays information about the load test scenario run. If your scenario run fails, look for debug information in this window.

  • InfluxDB. During the load test scenario run, the summary data is automatically sent to InfluxDB. You can access InfluxDB and view the summary data from the test run, using a visualization tool like Grafana.

  • Analysis. Analyze scenario results using LoadRunner Analysis. Analysis graphs and reports help you to view and understand data for transactions and Vusers, and determine system performance. For details, see Introducing Analysis.

If the run results are stored locally on each participating load generator, they need to be gathered into one location so that they can be processed for analysis. This process is known as data collation.

This section includes:

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