Network Delay Time dialog box

This dialog box enables you to select the network path you want to monitor.

To access
Right-click the Network Delay Time graph and select Add Measurements.
This dialog appears only when you add measurements for the first time.
Important information
To run the Network monitor, you must have administrator privileges on the source machine (unless you are using the ICMP protocol).
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Monitor the network delay from machine
Displays the name of the machine from which network monitoring begins (source machine).
To add a machine, click Add… and specify the server name or IP address and machine platform.
Repeat this for each path you want to monitor.
Important: If there is a firewall between the Controller machine and the source machine, enter the server name or IP address of the source machine according to the following format:
<MI Listener machine>:<source machine local key>
where source machine local key is the Local Machine Key that you chose when configuring the LoadRunner Agent on the source machine. (See Agent Configuration Settings dialog box)
Example: 12..12.3:vds
To machine(s)
Displays the network path in the format of sourcemachine -> destination machine. To add a new destination machine, click Add… and define the machine in the Adding Destination Machines for Network Delay Monitoring dialog box.

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