Run tab

The Run tab enables you to run and monitor scenarios.

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Run tab
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Run a scenario

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element

Start Scenario

Instructs Controller to initialize the Vusers and distribute them to their designated load generators, where they begin running their Vuser scripts.


  • Controller begins running the scenario according to the start time defined in the scenario schedule.

  • We do not recommend changing the Time/Date and Time Zone settings on Controller and load generators during the load test run.


Stop Now

Terminates the scenario.
The behavior depends on your selection in the Tools > Options > Runtime Settings tab:
  • If you selected Stop immediately, all Vusers in the scenario move to the Exiting status.

  • If you selected Wait for the current iteration to end before exiting, or Wait for the current action to end before exiting, the button text changes to Stop Now and the Vusers status changes to Gradual Exiting. To stop the Vusers immediately, click Stop Now.

For more information about the runtime settings options, see Options > Runtime Settings tab.
Reset Resets all Vuser groups to the Down status.
Vusers Opens the Vusers dialog box, where you can view the status of each of the Vusers in a Vuser group.
Run/Stop Vusers Opens the Run/Stop Vusers dialog box, where you can activate additional Vusers.

Pause Scheduler

Resume Scheduler

Pauses or resumes the scenario schedule.
<Graph Legend>
Displays statistics for the selected graph. For more information, see Online monitor graphs.
<Graph Viewing Pane>

Displays the graphs that are listed in the Available Graphs pane. For more information, see View and customize online monitor graphs.

Default: Displays four graphs.

Available Graphs
Displays the available online monitor graphs. For more information, see Monitor and graph types.
Scenario Groups pane
Displays each Vuser group and it's current status. For more information. see Scenario Groups pane.
Scenario Status pane
Displays a synopsis of the running scenario. For more information, see Scenario Status pane.

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