Scenario Status pane

This pane displays a synopsis of the running scenario.

To access:
Run tab
Important Information
To detach the Scenario Status pane from the Run tab, click the detach pane button in the upper right corner.
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Elapsed Time
Indicates how much time has elapsed since the scenario started running.
Indicates the number of Vusers with errors.
To display the errors, click the Show Snapshot button to display the Output Window. For more information, see Output Messages window.
Indicates how many hits (HTTP requests) there have been to the website being tested per second that each Vuser has been running.
Passed/Failed Transactions
Indicates how many transactions have been executed successfully or unsuccessfully. For more information, see Transactions dialog box.
Indicates the number of Vusers that are currently running.
Scenario Status
Indicates whether the scenario is Running or Down.

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