Vuser script log

This page enables you to view runtime information about each running Vuser.

To access
Manual scenario (Group mode) > Run tab > Scenario Groups pane > Vusers button. In the Vusers dialog box select the Vuser whose log you want to view, and select Show Vuser Log from the right-click menu.
Important information
  • If you disabled the logging feature in the runtime settings Log node, the Vuser script log contains output only if your script contains the lr_output_message or lr_message function.

  • If you selected the Send messages only when an error occurs option in the Log node, the Vuser script log contains output only if there are script errors.

Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element

Show Text/Tree View. Displays the runtime information in text/tree format. To revert to the previous view, click the button again.

Display. Displays a snapshot of the web page where an error occurred, when the error is highlighted in the Vuser log.


  • To view a snapshot of the web page where an error occurred, you must select the Activate snapshot on error option in the General node of the runtime settings dialog box before running the scenario.

  • Snapshots on errors is supported for TruClient.

Find Text. Enables you to search for text in the Vuser log.

Expand/Collapse Node. Expands the node so that you can view additional runtime information details about the Vuser. To revert to the collapsed tree view, click the button again.
<message icons>
The following icons may can appear in the script log:
  • Action. Displays the name and description of an action.

  • End iteration. Indicates the end of an iteration.

  • Errors. Indicates that the Vuser encountered a problem, but test execution continued. Displays the error code and a description of the error.

  • Notifications. Provides action information.

  • Start/End Transaction. Indicates the start or end of a transaction.

  • Start iteration. Indicates the start of an iteration.

  • Start User Script. Indicates the start of the Vuser script.

<Right-click options>
  • Copy. Enables you to copy selected text from the Vuser log.

  • Copy path from status bar. Enables you to copy the path of the Vuser log.

Refresh (every 1000 milliseconds)
When selected, instructs LoadRunner Professional to refresh the runtime information displayed every 1000 milliseconds.

Note: For information on how to change the default refresh settings, see Options > Output tab.

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