Web page diagnostics

You can configure LoadRunner Professional to collect web page diagnostics data. This data can help you assess the performance of web pages in your script and analyze any problematic elements, like images that download slowly or broken links.

About web page diagnostics

During a scenario run, LoadRunner Professional can collect performance-related data for each monitored web page in your script. This data includes the download time and size of each page and its components.

You enable the data collection, or configure the percentage of sampling data, in the Diagnostics Distribution dialog box. For details, see Diagnostics Distribution dialog box.

After the scenario run, you can view the collected data in the offline Web Page Diagnostics graphs in Analysis. For details, see Web Page Diagnostics graphs.

Note: When preparing a Web HTTP/HTML Vuser script for which you want to perform web page diagnostics, it is recommended that you create an HTML-based script using the Recording tab in the recording options. For details, see the Virtual User Generator Help Center (select the relevant version).

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Diagnostics Distribution dialog box

The Diagnostics Distribution dialog box enables you to configure web page diagnostics settings. The settings that you configure are per scenario, so all scripts in the scenario run under the same diagnostics configuration.

To access this dialog box, in Controller, select Diagnostics > Configuration.


  • The Diagnostics Distribution dialog box is disabled during scenario execution. Any changes must be made before you run the scenario.

  • Data collection can generate a large amount of data, possibly causing memory issues.

UI Element Description
Enable the following diagnostics Enables diagnostics data collection (disabled by default).
For X% of all the relevant Vusers in the current scenario

Specifies the percentage of Vusers for which you want to collect diagnostics data. This value determines how many of the transactions on the application server are reported to Controller. Reducing this percentage reduces the overhead on the application server.

The percentage can be 1–10% (integer values), and a minimum sample of 1 Vuser is used per scenario group.


The sample percentage for a scenario is 10%.

  • Group1 runs 50 Vusers, so diagnostics data is collected for 5 Vusers.
  • Group2 runs 5 Vusers, so diagnostics data is collected for 1 Vuser.

When the scenario is run, Vusers collecting web page diagnostic data are marked with the icon in the Vusers dialog box.

Indicates that web page diagnostics collection is disabled. To enable, click the Enable button.
Indicates that web page diagnostics collection is enabled. To disable, click the Disable button.

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