Vuser scripts on Linux

You can use Vuser scripts on a Linux environment in the following ways:

  • You can use VuGen to create Vuser scripts that run on Linux platforms. You record your application in a Windows environment and run it in Linux—recording is not supported on Linux.

Note: VuGen provides a tool to check the compatibility of your script to run on Linux-based load generators. For details, see Check Linux Compatibility.

  • Users working in Linux-only environments can program Vuser scripts. Scripts can be programmed in C or C++ and they must be compiled into a dynamic library.

    To create a script through programming, you can use a Vuser template as a basis for a larger Vuser scripts. The template provides:

    • Correct program structure
    • Vuser API calls
    • Source code and makefiles for creating a dynamic library

    For details, see Program a Vuser script on Linux.

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