Welcome to OpenTextLoadRunner Professional (LRP). LRP provides a load testing solution that enables you to test the performance of diverse application types, and to identify and resolve issues before applications go live.

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Watch the Introductory videos to get a high-level view of LRP processes and components.

What is the LRP method?

Learn about the LRP load testing solution. For details, see Load testing with LoadRunner Professional.

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When you're ready to begin, open LoadRunner Controller and start creating your scenarios. For details, see Controller workflow.

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Learn more about LRP features by watching videos in the LoadRunner Professional video gallery, and checking out the tips and blogs on the ADM community pages.

For more insights, including LRP resources and case studies, see the LoadRunner Professional portal.

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LoadRunner Professional components

The major components of LRP are:


Virtual User Generator captures end-user business processes, and creates automated performance testing scripts that can be used with LRP and a number of other OpenText products. For details, see the Virtual User Generator Help Center.


LoadRunner Controller organizes, drives, manages, and monitors load and performance tests. For details, see Introducing Controller.


LoadRunner Analysis enables you to view, dissect, and compare the results of the tests. For details, see Introducing Analysis.

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