What's New in 2022 R1

The new features and improvements for LoadRunner Professional and VuGen version 2022 R1 are described below.

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Learn about some of the new features included in LoadRunner Professional version 2022 R1:

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DevWeb protocol

The following enhancements and fixes are included for DevWeb scripts:

Note: For updates in LoadRunner Developer and the DevWeb JavaScript SDK, see the LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb Help Center.

  • The correlate selection functionality in the VuGen editor now includes improved boundary selection for the generated extractor. (Correlate selection functionality is available as tech preview.) For details, see Correlation for DevWeb scripts.

  • Correlation extractor substitutions in a DevWeb script are now reported in the log. The log messages document each time the extractor is applied, and the substitute value used for each instance. For details, see Correlation for DevWeb scripts.

  • You can now add a function to your DevWeb scripts to generate a time-based one-time password (TOTP) token. For details, see Utils.

  • DevWeb scripts now support DNS SRV record lookup, enabling load balancing of services. The function enables the engine to resolve a host according to the SRV specification, by identifying the service to connect to the host. For details, see Utils.

  • You can enable the generation of additional logs when replaying DevWeb tests in Controller. These logs can then be used to troubleshoot issues. For details, see DevWeb runtime settings.

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TruClient protocol

TruClient includes the following enhancements:

  • TruClient Native Mobile now uses Chromium as the script editor.

  • Security updates.

For details, see the TruClient Help Center.

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Kafka protocol

You can now use VuGen's record functionality when creating a Kafka protocol script.

For details, see Kafka protocol.

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Web protocols

The following enhancements are included for the Web protocols:

  • If you install LoadRunner Professional on Windows 11 or Windows Server 2022, you can now use proxy recording when recording websites that require TLS 1.3 encryption. Microsoft provides support for TLS 1.3 on Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 OS, but not on Windows 10.

    For details, see Record via a proxy.

    For more information on Microsoft TLS support, see Protocols in TLS/SSL (Schannel SSP).

  • Web - HTTP/HTML protocol: The web_set_certificate_ex function now includes a method to clear the client certificate. For details, see web_set_certificate_ex in the Function Reference.

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Citrix protocol

The following enhancements are included for the Citrix protocol:

  • Record and replay for Citrix ICA scripts is now supported on Citrix Workspace 2203 LTSR (file version For details, see Citrix protocol.

  • The Citrix protocol now includes the ctrx_find_window_by_name function, which searches all tracked windows for a specified window. For details, see ctrx_find_window_by_name in the Function Reference.

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VuGen integration with LRC

When connecting to LoadRunner Cloud (LRC) from VuGen, you can now use your LRC API access keys to authenticate directly with LRC, instead of authenticating using a password.

For details, see Integration with LoadRunner Cloud.

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Prometheus integration

LoadRunner Professional now integrates with Prometheus. You can set up the Prometheus monitor in Controller, and view the collected data in Controller and Analysis graphs.

For details, see Prometheus monitor.

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JMeter tests

When running Apache JMeter tests, Controller now recognizes .jar file dependencies for the tests and automatically copies them to the load generators for execution.

For details, see Prerequisites for JMeter tests.

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Selenium tests

You can now define service level agreements for Selenium scripts in scenarios.

For details, see Defining service level agreements.

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Chaos testing

The chaos testing with Gremlin feature now includes a scheduling graph showing the start and end time for each disruption event, as well as other feature updates in Controller and Analysis.

For details, see Chaos testing for scenarios.

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Controller online graph improvements

The Controller online monitor graphs have a streamlined interface and improved functionality.

For details, see View and customize online monitor graphs.

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Secure communication with TLS/SSL

LoadRunner Professional now supports encrypted private keys for TLS/SSL certificates and CA certificates.

For details, see Secure communication with TLS (SSL).

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LoadRunner Data Hub

The LoadRunner Data Hub is a communication channel that supports communication between Controller and load generators. The Data Hub can now be downloaded from the OpenText AppDelivery Marketplace.

For details, see the LoadRunner Professional Installation guide.

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Azure API Service

The LoadRunner Azure API Service is a web-based service which fetches bearer type tokens and secret values from the Microsoft Azure Key Vault. The Azure API Service can now be downloaded from the OpenText AppDelivery Marketplace.

For details, see Install the LoadRunner Azure API Service.

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Runtime settings

An updated Runtime Settings user interface is now in use in LoadRunner products for many of the protocols. The new UI provides a modernized look and feel, and more streamlined functionality.

For details, see Configure runtime settings.

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Technologies and platforms

LoadRunner Professional installation is now supported on the following Microsoft Windows operating systems:

  • Windows 10 version 21H2 (build 19044.1348)

  • Windows Server 2022

For details, see the Support Matrix.

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What's new in the LoadRunner family

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