What's New in 2023

This topic introduces the new features and enhancements for LoadRunner Professional, version 2023.

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Learn about some of the new features included in LoadRunner Professional version 2023:

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User experience

This release includes the following enhancements to the user experience and user interface:

Area Enhancement
Rendezvous for DevWeb

Rendezvous options are now supported for DevWeb scripts imported into Controller.

For details, see DevWeb tests.

NV Insights Report in Analysis

You can now open the NV Insights Report directly from Analysis.

For details, see NV Insights Report in Analysis.

Flexible license consumption

The VUD (Virtual User Days) license has been renamed VUFD (Virtual User Flex Days). The license enables you to run a specified number of Vusers an unlimited number of times within a 24-hour period.

For details, see VUFD license.

Host ID command line tool

You can now generate a Host ID from the command line using a new command line tool.

For details, see Additional components and applications.

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Data and analytics

This release includes the following data and analytics updates:

Area Enhancement
Silk Performer

There are now three dedicated graphs for Silk Performer scripts, displaying measurements collected from Silk Performer counters and timers.

For details, see Silk Performer monitoring.

Prometheus monitor

The Prometheus integration includes the following updates:

  • When adding a custom Prometheus measurement, you can retrieve and view all possible metrics for the measurement.
  • You can choose whether to use HTTP or HTTPS when connecting to the Prometheus server.

For details, see Prometheus monitor.

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VuGen, protocols, and LoadRunner Developer

Virtual User Generator (VuGen) includes the following enhancements:

Area Enhancement
LRE integration

The integration with LoadRunner Enterprise now includes an option to perform SSO login in your default browser, instead of the embedded browser.

WinInet replay engine When using the WinInet replay engine to replay scripts, the HTTP request receive timeout in the runtime settings is now supported for timeouts greater than 30 seconds (in addition to timeouts of 0-30 seconds).

The VuGen and third-party protocols include the following enhancements:

Area Enhancement

The following updates are included for TruClient scripts:

  • Chromium browser support has been updated to version 108.
  • You can no longer record and develop TruClient Internet Explorer scripts. Existing TruClient IE scripts can still be run in Controller scenarios, but support will be removed in a future LRP version.

  • Various security updates.

The following updates are included for DevWeb scripts:

  • Expanded pacing options are available to run iterations for DevWeb scripts. You can now define delay or interval pacing, with fixed or random values.

  • When adding extractors to your script from the snapshot pane, VuGen assesses the origin file type for the selected text, and inserts the appropriate extractor in the script, for example, XML or JSON.

  • When using the failOn option with the text check extractor, if there is an error as a result of the extractor, DevWeb adds the error to the snapshot file. (Log level must be set to Error or higher.)


The following updates are included for Web - HTTP/HTML scripts:

  • Record and replay is now supported for the WebSocket permessage-deflate extension. The extension is included in the web_websocket_connect API if detected during recording.

  • Support added for the creation of a WebSocket connection when generating a script from a HAR file (with the web_websocket_send function added manually).

  • When recording with port mapping using an SSL connection, you can set a custom Server Name Indication (SNI) in the ClientHello message.
  • In the script runtime settings, you can now define specific HTTP codes to be treated as warnings instead of errors when the script is run.

The following updates are included for .NET+ scripts:

  • Code autocomplete is now supported in the VuGen Editor.

  • A Shared Libraries page has been added to the .NET+ runtime settings, enabling you to add paths for referenced DLLs that are not copied locally.

  • The installed .NET 6 SDK is now identified automatically using internal logic.

Citrix ICA

The following updates are included for Citrix protocol scripts:

  • You can now record scripts for the Citrix protocol on a Citrix cloud (DaaS) environment, using services installed on Microsoft Azure.
  • This release includes new APIs that move and resize a window based on the unique window ID: ctrx_window_resize_by_id and ctrx_window_move_by_id
  • A new WaitFor parameter is included in the ctrx_sync_on_text_ocr and ctrx_sync_on_bitmap APIs.
  • Support added for child windows in window-handling APIs.
RDP The RDP protocol now supports SSL and CredSSP security for recording scripts.

For details, see the VuGen What's New.

LoadRunner Developer includes the following enhancements:

Area Enhancement
gRPC bidirectional stream requests

DevWeb scripts now include support for bidirectional streaming RPC requests. With this addition, DevWeb now provides full support for gRPC.

Extractors returning multiple values

When multiple values are returned by the DevWeb extractors, and the converters or transform options are defined, they now applied to all returned values.

This applies for the following extractors:

  • For JSON path or XPath extractors, returnMultipleValues is set to true.

  • For Boundary or Regexp extractors, occurrence is set to All.

Encryption key

You can pass an encryption key value directly on the command line, instead of providing the location of the key file.

Azure Key Vault

When working with Microsoft Azure Key Vault secrets, you now pass an object rather than arguments to the key vault.

For details, see the LoadRunner Developer What's New.

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Load testing and modeling

This release includes the following load testing and modeling enhancement:

Area Enhancement
Ubuntu support

You can now install the Linux load generator on Ubuntu Server Linux 22.04 LTS 64-bit. This deployment is supported for web-based protocols, and JMeter and Gatling tests.

For details, see the LoadRunner Professional Installation Guide.

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Integrations and ecosystem

This release includes the following integrations and ecosystem enhancement:

Area Enhancement
Chaos testing with Steadybit

You can now add Steadybit experiments to your Controller scenario schedule, in addition to Gremlin scenarios. Steadybit provides an on-prem option for using simulated attacks on your services and environments, so that you can integrate chaos and stress testing into your test runs.

For details, see Chaos testing for scenarios.

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This release includes the following modernization enhancements:

Area Enhancement
Output window

The Controller Output window now has a new user interface in Controller and Analysis. The updated UI provides a modernized look and feel, and more streamlined functionality.

For details, see Output Messages window.


The license technology used by LoadRunner Professional has been updated. As a result, to install licenses you now import an XML file, and then select the licenses to install. You cannot import individual license keys.

For details, see Manage and install licenses.

Visual Studio

LoadRunner Professional now supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 IDE.

Visual Studio 2022 setup packages are available for both the basic add-in and the add-in for developers, enabling you to create and run Vuser scripts and unit tests with the latest VS IDE.

For details, see Additional components and applications.

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Security and infrastructure

This release includes the following security and infrastructure enhancements:

Area Enhancement
Intermediate CA certificates

When setting up TLS (SSL) for secure communication between your LoadRunner Professional machines, you can now manage intermediate CA certificates using the Certificate Manager.

For details, see Certificate Manager.

Encrypted TLS private key

When Controller connects to load generators on the cloud, the TLS certificate private key is now encrypted for added security.

For details, see Create custom image for load generators on the cloud.

OpenSSL LoadRunner Professional now supports OpenSSL 3.0.

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