Tenant administration

The Tenant tab in Project Management lets administrators set properties for the tenant.

Tenant tab

The Tenant tab in the Project Management area lets administrators set tenant properties. The currently supported property is the time zone as it is shown in the runtime Report window and exported reports.

You view and modify the tenant properties in the Project management > Tenant tab.

Note: If you do not see the Tenant tab in Project Management, open a support ticket requesting to enable it in Project Management.

To specify a time zone, expand the Set time zone for exported reports dropdown list and select a time zone.

This time zone will be shown in the Report window, and will be reflected in the following reports: Results.csv, Script errors, Raw transactions, and License usage/consumption.

For example, in a Script errors report, a time stamp of 2021-03-08T02:58:34:412 (-5:00) indicates a time zone of 5 hours behind GMT.

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