What's New - LoadRunner Cloud 2020.07

The following features were introduced or enhanced in LoadRunner Cloud version 2020.07.

What's New video

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OneLG installer for on-premises load generators

A new installer package, OneLG, is a combined installer for on-premises load generators, for all of the LoadRunner family products: LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Enterprise, and LoadRunner Cloud.

For more details, see Set up an on-premises load generator.

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Support for LoadRunner 2020 SP2

LoadRunner Cloud now supports the latest version of the LoadRunner family of products, version 2020 SP2.

For more details, see Support Matrix.

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Online script viewer

A new capability allows you to view the code of your scripts directly from within the LoadRunner Cloud user interface.

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Script downloading

An option was added to allow you to download scripts directly from within your list of test scripts.

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Dedicated IP addresses viewer

A new screen shows the current information for all of the tenant's dedicated IP addresses.

For more details, see Dedicated IP addresses.

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Trend enhancements in reports

A new indicator, "no change" was introduced in the report's Trends column, along with additional sorting capabilities.

For more details, see Report.

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Dashboard changes

  • Transaction Summary Table enhancements: A local toolbar was added to the Transaction Summary Table for improved data manipulation. In addition, bi-directional transaction highlighting was introduced to show the selected metric in both the graph and in the metrics tree.
  • Bytes sent per second now supported for DevWeb: A new metric, Bytes sent per second, is now supported for runs that contain DevWeb scripts. The metric is located under Throughput in the Dashboard tree. This metric shows the number of bytes sent by the Vuser to the server.
  • New toolbars for panes: A new toolbar was added to all panes allowing you to search and filter data within a table, and configure columns with a minimal number of clicks.

For more details, see Dashboard and Report.

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New locations added for cloud load generators

We added the following locations for cloud load generators:

  • AWS: Hong Kong
  • Azure: Virginia

For a complete list of the distribution locations, see Vuser distribution locations.

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Vuser balancing for on-premises load generators

LoadRunner Cloud now incorporates Vuser balancing by distributing Vusers evenly across multiple on-premises load generators.

For details, see Vuser balancing.

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Support for SiteScope On Premise 2020.05

LoadRunner Cloud now supports the latest version of the on-premises SiteScope, version 2020.05.

For more details, see Dashboard.

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Project VUH license usage restriction

A new option lets you restrict a project from using VUH licenses in the tenant.

For more details, see Projects.

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